Disciples that are Passionate

Disciple: "One who sits at the feet of their Lord"
Passionate: "With a burning heart."

To embrace God's life and love and
develop a community of mercy and grace!
"Agape" is the Greek word for God's love. God's love is an amazing love  
    that defines who God is (1 John. 4:8) and what He does.
It's a mosaic because in His creation there is great beauty and diversity. We receive this love of His (Agape) at salvation, but it is only when we grow in Him and start to understand his love that we mature as his children.
Part of our vision is to grow as individuals and grow as a community
    of believers. Each of us has heart issues that only God can heal but He often chooses to use human instruments in that healing process. These are people we live in relation with, people who we are accountable to, and living transparently with. In our "western" way of living, transparency, which requires trust, is very difficult. But God in His mercy and grace walks with us, leading us into relationships that build true community. It's a slow process but well worth the effort.
Our door is open to everyone. Every human being has great intrinsic
    value. So much value that God paid the ultimate price to redeem us.